Monday, May 12, 2008

101 Ways To Increase Traffic

51.If you have a profile anywhere online, always include appropriate keywords and link back to your website.
52.Try to get links from websites within your niche with a high pr (pagerank). Some The more one-way links (inbound links/backlinks) you have to your website, the higher your pr will become. Pagerank is important because websites with higher prs tend to have a higher search results in Google. It is a no brainier that if you can get number one for a competitive keyword then you will have enough traffic that you can handle… oh by the way its all free targeted traffic to remind you.
53.Outsource grunt work. Time is in essence money…. you can hire individuals at freelance services to send emails, request JV proposals, or to answer questions from prospective or current customers.
54.Offer something for FREE. Abracadabra is not the magic word, FREE is. It is like a worm on a pole for a fish in the water…. its bait! Offer a free mini course or free ebook to help collect more subscribers. You can always offer a backend to monetize on this opportunity, such as an affiliate product for example.
55.After someone orders from you offer a one-time offer that compliments your product. For example, if I offered a traffic ebook, then after the individual purchase it would make sense for me to offer a traffic conversion bonus for a limited time only.
56.Become the virus within your niche. Make yourself the bug and have people talking about your product. When people talk about your product then you can induce the viral effect. However, you must give people a reason to talk about you, and being like everyone else is not one.
57.Do your research and find expensive niches to tap into. A good way to do this is to find how expensive someone is paying for a keyword on a PPC search engine. If you can sell items that are more expensive more often then it is a quicker way to get rich .
58.Become an active respected member of niche related forums. You can do this by offering quality posts. Hint Hint, it is not the number of posts you make, it is the quality. Remember, quality or quantity. Many useless or negative posts will have people looking at you funny.
59.Test, test, test. Your flushing money down the toilet if your not testing to see what campaigns are bringing you in the most money compared to which ones are costing you money. When you test, you can eliminate the campaigns that are costing you dollars so that you can properly maximize your marketing efforts. Without proper testing, you are pretty much lost and can’t improve. You can only guess to what has or what is working. With proper testing, you do not guess, you know.
60.Stay up to date on what is going on in the world, you can monetize off hot topic trends.
61.Network, when you know more people you can find people that can help you get what you need.
62.Offer an affiliate program for your product or service. Make sure to let your satisfied customers know that you have one, if they like your product then they will be even more delighted to know that they will get money for referring you.
63.Write and give away a free ebook or report. It does not have to be long as long as its quality information neatly formatted and put together. You can also make a brandable ebook or report and allow affiliates the opportunity to brand their affiliate links in there to pass on to the next individual. You can then send this ebook to your subscribers or submit it to ebook directories.
64.Add viral components to your blog such as social bookmarking options, and a refer a friend option.
65.Be funny, people like something that will make them laugh and they will spread it for you if it is a genius idea.
66.Syndicate your content by using an RSS feeds on your website.
67.Answer people’s questions on Yahoo! answers with a link to your website in the sources area.
68.Put a link in the “about me” section of your eBay profile.
69.Make and upload a viral video to you tube. Use appropriate keywords in the video description for your target audience.
70.Record an informative podcast and submit them to poplar podcast directories.
71.Provide helpful answers for Google adsense on their help forum with a link back to your website. Go here to check it out:
72.Get people to comment and add content to your site. When they do this, they will provide you unique content, no need to pay for ghostwritten articles.
73.If you cannot get JVs, then try to bribe webmasters for sponsored advertising space on their newsletters.
74.Include a media section on your website so that you will give the media an easy way to stay up to date on what your company is doing.
75.Try to teach a class at your local community college or university. The more exposure you get in the public, the more credibility you will receive.
76.Make a screensaver and make it easy for individuals in your niche to download it. Have eye candy graphics combined with your company logo to brand yourself.
77.Write something controversial and spread it freely to your target market. It can be something as idiotic as the Da Vinci code, but as long people talk about it, its a successful campaign. A few hints, something controversial is something that goes against established beliefs in your market.
78.Write and publish a book. Having your own book is a quick way to gain credibility.
79.Take a guru in your niche out to lunch, and pay for it.
80.Start an organization or club about something. This can be done online through Yahoo! or Google groups.
81.Volunteer. Donate your time to a good clause…you can always network with people and form connections at the same time.
82.Get involved in your community and try to run some type of outreach program.
83.Offer good customer service, you may be surprised on how many referrals you get just be having a reliable one.
84.Consider adding a direct mail marketing campaign to your marketing ****nal.
85.Put an ad in your local yellow pages to get some local customers. Yellow pages tend to be more successful then newspaper ads because individuals are looking for a particular service when they are browsing through the yellow pages as opposed to newspapers.
86.Post bulletins in your local supermarket. However, since not everyone may carry a pen or pencil, place your contact information and url on strips on the bottom so that individuals can rip it off and take it with them.
87.Host your own commercial so you can put “as seen on TV” on your products.
88.Conduct surveys and publish them. These make you appear as an expert in your field of study.
89.Break a record or shoot to be in the Guinness world records for something.
90.Make a sitemap for your website.
91.Use a favicon for your site.
92.Make your visitors more involved in your website. You can help accomplish this by adding CGI scripts to your site.
93.Make sure you have no broken links on your site, and make sure that your website shows clearly in all browsers.
94.Find domain names that get traffic, purchase them, and have them redirect to your website.
95.Spell correctly whenever using keywords in writing.
96.Look at sites related to your niche to try to figure out how they get their traffic.
97.Properly optimize your website for the right keywords.
98.Try to avoid java scripts on your website as much as possible.
99.Do not use frames on your website.
100. If your website becomes popular and starts getting lots of traffic, try switching to a dedicated server. The longer you site is down equals the more lost visitors you will have.
101. Write a quality 101 article about a steamy topic that people want to know more about in your niche .