Thursday, July 26, 2007

ADSENSE TIPS - Live, from Set of The Next Internet Millionaire!

Hi ,

This is big.

No, seriously.

This is REAL Big!

I am on the set of The Next Internet Millionaire, where I am
currently in between scenes... thought it would be a great
opportunity to tell you what's going on. Well, as much as I CAN
tell you :-)

We are on day two of our shoot, and I wish you could feel the
"buzz" on this set!

The contestants are incredible. The speakers are fantastic. The
challenges are entertaining. And our crew is second-to-none.

When we said we were going to create the world's first competitive
Internet reality show, I was serious...

... and this thing is is going to be MUCH bigger than I even had

Right now, I'm sitting next to Mark Joyner, who is having a
discussion with Armand Morin and Heather Vale.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall, eh?

I will probably be laying a bit lower of the next couple weeks as
we are on location all day long, and I'm lucky to get a few minutes
to chill out and let you know what is going on here.

Be sure to watch for the Premier of The Next Internet Millionaire
starting August 15th, only at:

It's back to the set for me... Looks like we are gathering for the
next scene. Who will win this next big task?

Stay tuned!

by Joel

Bagaimana uang anda di investasikan & dikelola SwissCash?

Bisnis dibawah naungan Swiss Mutual
Fund (1948) adalah :

1. Swiss Trust (1952)
2. Swiss Invest Foundation (1971)
3. Swiss Brokerage (1978)
4. Swiss Equity (1980)
5. SwissCash (2005)

SwissCash adalah program gabungan
investasi murni dan network marketing
dengan sistem binary.

Swiss Mutual Fund 1948 (SMF) pertama
kali berdiri setelah perang dunia kedua
pada tahun 1948 oleh Keluarga Cheviot
Prancis yang basis operasionalnya di
Berne, Switzerland selama 50 tahun yang
akhirnya karena adanya regulasi
keuangan yang ketat di Eropa dialihkan
menjadi sebuah perusahaan yang memiliki
legalitas hukum untuk Commonwealth of
Dominica sejak 1999. Dipilihnya lokasi
baru adalah dikarenakan fleksibilitas
situasi keuangan, skema perpajakan dan
peraturan bagi klien Swiss Mutual Fund
yang lebih stabil dan memberikan
tingkat keuntungan investasi yang
relatif lebih tinggi bagi investor.

Team SMF terdiri dari para profesional
dalam bidang manajemen keuangan yang
memiliki pengalaman tinggi di pasar
uang, manajemen resiko/portofolio, dan
layanan keuangan internasional.

Dengan memanfaatkan seleksi kualitatif
dan kuantitatif, disiplin yang ketat
akan menghasilkan teknik hedging yang
efektif. SMF telah menciptakan sebuah
komposisi pengaturan resiko dan arah
investasi yang berhubungan dengan
permintaan dan target keuntungan
investor di seluruh dunia.

Pada tahun 2005, Swiss Mutual Fund
(SMF) telah mengelola Aset Finansial
dan Dana Investasi lebih dari 9 billion
US dollar yang tersebar ke beberapa
tempat pasar uang terbesar didunia
diantaranya Dow, NASDAQ dan Nikkei. SMF
secara spesifik hanya melayani
Corporate Investor dengan kriteria
standar profil dan porto folio yang
cukup tinggi.

Swiss Cash merupakan divisi terbaru
yang dibuka pada pertengahan tahun
2005. Swiss Cash bertujuan memberikan
kesempatan bagi para individu untuk
bisa ikut dalam program investasi yang
memiliki reputasi yang ber-skala

Dari berbagai Swisscash Investor
seluruh dunia, terkumpullah "Hundreds
of Million Dollars" seperti di atas.
Dimasukkan dalam Devisi Projects,
Hedging, Equity, HYI, Commodities,
Forex, Others seperti di atas
Pengembalian rata-rata (Average Return)
sekitar 25 - 45 % per bulan
Dikembalikan pada masing-masing
Swisscash Investor 25 % seperti gambar
di atas. Itulah mengapa investor
mendapatkan hasil.

investasi yang sangat sederhana, hanya
membutuhkan investor untuk melakukan
investasi (tanpa melakukan aktifitas
lain) dengan jadwal pembayaran hasil
investasi yang TETAP per bulan
(scheduled fixed return), jadwal
pembayaran sangat jelas & diketahui
oleh investor.

Informasi diatas bisa langsung anda
lihat di Official Website SWISSCASH
di menu Swisscash
Financial Facility.

Monday, July 23, 2007

ADSENSE TIPS - Traffic, the Fun Way

There are lots of things to enjoy as an online publisher. There's
the thrill of creating content. The pleasure of meeting friends at
conferences. The sheer freedom of being your own boss and setting
your own schedule.

And then there's publicity.

That's a whole other world of fun.

Not every online publisher uses publicity to drive traffic to their
website. Some think it's a bit like a lottery. You'll send out
hundreds of press releases and if you're lucky, once in a blue
moon, you'll land a story in the press.

I think that's a mistake.


Live life today!

BY Joel

Saturday, July 21, 2007

ADSENSE TIPS - Blogging About Family

I keep saying that anyone can make money out of an AdSense site.

I still think that's true.Anyone can find something to write about that will interest otherpeople and bring them in to click on ads.

Everyone has a job, a favorite activity, a hobby, a pastime or someother interest that they can write a few hundred words aboutseveral times each week. And yet, so many people choose to write about their families.So can you make money blogging about your family?

Live life today!

by Joel

ADSENSE TIPS - What if AdSense Goes Away?

Is it possible to build a business on AdSense?Is it wise to do so?What happens if the AdSense program is no longer profitable?Check out my latest video and learn the answer at...
And we've got less than 80 copies of Instant AdSense Templates leftin my 777Firesale, so check this out before they are all gone!

Life life today!

by Joel

ADSENSE TIPS - How to Tell the World About Your Product, Service or Site

Opportunity knocks!Have you got a business that needs national exposure?The Next Internet Millionaire may be exactly what you are looking for!

As you know, the show has been cast and our contestants will be onlocation in less than two weeks.We are close to entering the production phase of the show and areseeking quality sponsors eager to reach a massive Internet audience!
Whether your business is online or offline, you can benefit fromhaving your advertisement on this program.

We are now accepting30-second video commercial placements for our fall broadcast, aswell as web sponsorships that will allow our viewers to click abanner to visit your site.Audiences are leaving television in droves. With the quality ofprogramming going downhill, it's no wonder.Instead, millions are turning to the web for their entertainment.

The Next Internet Millionaire is the very FIRST competitiveInterent reality show! No one has ever done this before.If you are ready to be on the cutting edge and join us in being apop culture phenomenon, than you need to contact us right away toexplore an opportunity to participate and get your message out tothe world!For more information, send an email to joel (at) worldvillage.comwith the subject line "Sponsor Info".

Be sure to tell us a littleabout your business and what products and/or services you would beinterested in advertising. We'll get back to you as soon aspossible with more information.The Next Internet Millionaire is being talked about all over theweb and the media. The world will be watching. Will they see you?
Contact us today and be a part of Interent history!

To your success,

by Joel

ADSENSE TIPS - Three Little Words

I've Got Three Little Words To Say To You...No, not those words (although I'm sure you're very nice). I meanthese three little words...Just do it.I know, Nike got there first. But they were right. You get nothingby doing nothing. Back when I started out on the Web, becoming an online publishermeant buying a book about HTML the size of the Yellow Pages. Itmeant spending half a year reading it, another half a year writingthe code... and another half a year fixing the bugs.There was every excuse then for doing nothing, and continuing todream.Those days are over.Read on to see what you must do now to succeed online...

Live life today!

BY Joel

ADSENSE TIPS - Is Site Stealing Ethical?

Bada-bing bada-boom.You know what I'm sayin'?Yeah, probably not.But it seems like everyone is talking like a New York mafia thug inall the emails I have been receiving about The Site Stealer.
It's all in good fun, of course...... but it's fun with a purpose.And that purpose is helping YOU make more money. :-)Site Stealing isn't illegal in the sense you are about to learn.In fact, the art of duplicating that which works is a commonpractice.Why does Burger King exist?Because the founders saw that McDonalds had a system that worked.It's the same thing with websites.The Site Stealer philosophy is to demonstrate that which hasalready been proven to be effective and show you how to duplicateit for your own success.Regardless of what you think of the way Harris Fellman has puttogether this campaign, the fact is that the content in his reportis very good and quite valuable.Go ahead. Be an ethical Site Stealer. It's ok...

Live life today!

by Joel


Updates on Most Popular Programs"Hi, my dear users!I'm going away again for this weekend, so all the ratios will be calculated and withdrawal requests processed on Sunday evening or Monday morning, just like it was on previous weekends.See you soon!
Best RegardsMax
""Monday July 9th, 2007 - All payments for today have been made to e-gold and e-bullion with the exception of the following e-gold accounts: 4548354 (blocked), 2481538 (blocked), 505988 (blocked), 3695600 (blocked), 4521183 (US spends blocked). If you are the owner of one of these accounts please remove the block or email us an alternate account to make payments to. If there were any errors in payment please notify us immediately.

-Admin""Dear friends, Approaching first year of life, we re-open the acceptance of members in our club.First of all let us clarify some points :1) We are NOT soliciting public money, we do not ask anybody's money, we are not a pyramid or ponzi scheme; we are a private closed club of friends who will join particular projects and activities, not open to public. Each member is accepted ONLY if invited or introduced by existing member or monitor site.2) We are not an HYIP project, but a Private Investment Club (PIC), as we disclose company details and contacts and we ask to do the same to our members, who will receive original shares of our club. WE ARE NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC. 3) We recommend not to rush joining us, because there is no hurry; we do not need to raise members to survive, on the opposite we limit the acceptance of new members and close frequently the access to the club, as we like to be a family long life sharing the projects.
""Our web site is under upgrade, needs at least 2 weeks....

""There are two matters to inform.Some members have requested S4D web site stats.Now it is there.We have put one box on our home page that shows a real-time site stats. you can check it out.About Yahoo! Search Marketing free credits, if you are interested in it (Of course with regard to its conditions) please send your Name, email, address, phone as you like to be registered at Yahoo! along with your request.this will help us to open your Yahoo! Search Marketing account faster.otherwise we will request them again and that will naturally take a little more time. After the opening of your account, of course you can always change your details.As well as we will present Google Adwords free credits ($55) very soon. Another good news, you can upgrade your account via Wire Transfer soon.Please read our next newsletters.Thanks for your time.Regards.Support Team"You can discuss these and many other programs with fellow high-yield investors

Introducing: Prolex.bizProlex is a private investment program which invests mainly in Foreign Exchange (FOREX), Stocks, Stocks on Margin (CFDs), Futures, and with Commodities, Real Estate, and fixed income products. Our mission is to provide our investors with a great opportunity for their funds by investing as prudently as possible in various arenas to gain a high rates in return Honestly, please do not compare us to something like "HYIP" programs or "games" that are always coming and going. Besides, we do have a reliable and profitable source of real net income, based on the real investment from the real market Our Trading is based upon the floating exchange rates of the eight most profitable Currency Pairs, and the application of non loss Systems and Methodologies which we developed in 2001 - and which remain confidential to our Company.
Guarantee :How can we offer you the guarantee?The most important aspect of our investments, which range from low, medium to high returns are based on the fact that our principal investment is always guaranteed.If we did not have this in place, We would not feel comfortable with our money sitting in various investments - large sums usually make anyone cautious and a bit shaky around the knees :).It is for the same reason that we offer a personal guarantee on ALL your Prolex invested funds! We have been asked what we invest in...This varies, as it largely depends on what is available at any given moment in time, but it usually includes fields like, forex, gold, selected spot trades, private placements, stock options, private equity and hedge funds.Bottom line from us to you, dear reader...The "small guy" cannot get financially involved in these high-end products without a fair whack of liquidity. This is why Prolex was created - the idea to help people that are where we were 5 years ago - the bottom end of the financial spectrum.We trust this clears some of the air for you - have a wonderful day! -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Picking the best stock is like choosing your Best friend(by Little,
I am so glad to share this real life case in which I learned to pick the best stocks through selecting the best friend. I am aware at first it may sound bizarre to you.I ask you to select your best friend out of your batch and if you are working then select your best peer. Take my example, I have just completed my MBA. I am very selective in making friends after all it is not about how many friends do you have or how rich and influential your friends are but what “value” your friends create to you. No matter you have only one.
Approach 1: I rather prefer to select a guy who really adds value to me than to a girl friend. Because that friend of mine has Guts he is really different. He has feeling of technology.Learning: Do not pick stock that only add fancy to your portfolio, it is just like a girlfriend, invest in companies having what Warren Buffett terms “Durable Competitive Advantage”. That makes the company unique.
Approach 2: Think how your friend can create value to you? My friend, is a highly Tech Savvy guy, he is my technical mentor, others ignored him because he was reserved nature person always busy with his Laptop. I had all options to roam around with friends, girl friend and to damn care for any value addition. And that is called following the herd or “ the peer pressure.” Learning: Choose for the companies which are different, understand the competitive advantage of the Business, than to just go by what others investing in. do not let your Stock Picking instinct get influenced by Peer Pressure. So I would say, “ Have Guts to Be Different.”
Approach 3: My friend did not perform very well academically, because he was more busy doing something creative on internet, Others thought this fellow is dumb and waste, he is a crazy guy, does not bother for marks. Others ignored him but I picked his, because I was sure that this guy can create value to me.Learning: Do not peep into others basket, decorate your own. I mean keep your portfolio intact of others’. If u understand the Competitive Advantage of the business and understand it than I will strongly recommend Dare to be different.
Approach 4: Since my friend was of reserve nature, I found it difficult to befriend with him, so I found the best opportunity, once he could not complete his assignment that time he was in need and I helped his to give him a sense that I was his best buddy, after all, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” I picked my friend when he was down.Learning: with this approach I want to tell what is the right time to pick a stock? Well, once you have thoroughly understood the Durable Competitive Advantage of the business, it Is now high time to wait and watch, to pick the stock when the stock Is undervalued, I mean “Margin of Safety” the concept given by the Great Ben Graham, I befriended with my friend when he was down (depressed), likewise pick a stock when it is Undervalued, or trading at lesser that the intrinsic value.
Approach 5: I do not believe in changing friends frequently, I ignored the minor mistakes of my friend thats how I could hold with him for a long time.Learning: Do not get carried away by the daily fluctuation into the market price of the stock you have picked. Ignore it like I ignored the minor mistakes of my friend and could hold him for long term.
Approach 6: I hate taking any crucial decision on the basis of behavioral mistakes of my friend; also I do not quit friends and make friends frequently based on their sudden failures or success.Learning: Do not trade, I mean a value investor should not trade. In the sense, do not buy and sell your stock too frequently, ignore the daily fluctuations, patiently wait and let the competitive advantage of the business work. It will surely generate not only returns but what Warren Buffett says “Compounding Returns.”
Approach 7: This approach might sound that i am selfish or I stared spending more time with other friend of mine who has different talent. It is because my earlier friend has already created value to me up to my expectation. So now its time to “Let Him Go.” And look for other friend who can create more value.Learning: Wait and watch does not mean to be passive about your stock. Set your return expectation one they are fulfilled dare to sell and pick other stock which has other competitive advantage as I changed my friend.

Today that friend of mine is a successful freelancer, he has assured earning or cash flows, he created value in my life at its full measure, had I also ignored him like my other friends did, i would even not have started this blog. Likewise, the stock that you have picked will surely fetch you more than expected returns or value creation for you, because if a business has true durable competitive advantage its future cash flows and earnings are going to be above average and assured.This I show I made my value investing decision. The idea of selecting the Best friend is like picking the Best business Is taken form Warren Buffett’s Speech in the University of Florida, you can watch the full video at: Click me
Happy Value Investing!!!