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My name is Marcus Dodger and I currently hold a position at EMC Investments as a consultant and a public liaison. I will be active around the forums to answer all of your questions and concerns. I hope we will have a great and buoyant partnership together.

EMC Investments
Marcus Dodger

EMC Investments (Dominica) is fully independent company, solely owner-controlled and managed online investment group. Since the foundation of EMC Investments by Ernesto De la Motte, the company has enrolled five perspective fund managers and financial consultants - mounting additional possibilities in the investment sphere.

EMC Investments manages three classes of purchasable unit funds – bonds, monetary market and shares, which slightly differentiate in the methods of investment and selection of regions for investments. However, to ease the investment choices for our members, EMC has divided the four possible choices of investments into:

* Conservative fund
* Rational fund
* Fast growing fund
* Monetary market fund

http://www.emc-investments. com

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ADSENSE TIP TRICKS - How to get more backlinks and traffic -- while saving yourself valuable time each day

How to get more backlinks and traffic -- while saving yourself valuable time each dayBy Dwain Jeworski

If you're looking to attract hundreds of quality backlinks -- and 1000s of new visitors -- to your site, there's a great kind of FREE tool you need to know about.

I'm talking about "all-in-one" social bookmarking tools that allow you to post fresh content on your site to 30 or more of the 'Net's top social booking marketing sites... with just one click!

But maybe I should back up for a minute...

... In case you're confused by the term "social bookmarking," it's a lot simpler than you might think.

You know when you bookmark sites in your Internet browser, so you can easily return to them in the future? Well, social bookmarking is the online version of that.

Different social bookmarking sites -- such as Digg,, or reddit -- allow you to create an online collection of bookmarked sites that you can access from anywhere (a distinct advantage compared to the bookmarks that are stored only on your home or work computer!).

And what makes these bookmarking sites "social" is that other members can see how popular the different bookmarked sites are -- in terms of how many users have bookmarked them, or rating systems that allow users to say how useful they think the site is. The sites with the most bookmarks or the highest ratings tend to get seen by the most people.

... So what does this mean to you as an Internet marketer?

It's simple: the more social bookmarking sites you register your website or blog with, the more backlinks and organic traffic you'll end up getting from the users of those sites!

Plus, search engines LOVE links from social bookmarking sites -- so the more you get, the better your search ranking will be!

However, in order to get good results, you should aim to get your site registered with at least 30 of the 'Net's top bookmarking sites. And, as you might expect, it takes time to register your site with all those different sites.

... And it takes even more time to let those sites know whenever you post new content on your website or blog!

This is where those "all-in-one" social bookmarking tools come in... Because once you register with all the top bookmarking sites, you can add an "all-in-one" tool to your site and then let ALL your different social bookmarking sites know when you've got fresh content -- with just one simple click of a button!

The two "all-in-one" social bookmarking tools we tend to use most often here at IMC are and Both of these tools allow you to add your site to 30+ social bookmarking sites.

Other advantages of using these tools include...

Their handy widgets make it easy for your visitors to bookmark your site and sign up for your RSS feed

The backlinks they give you increase your link popularity, which will boost your search engine rankings

You no longer need to add a separate widget on your site for each social bookmarking site you subscribe to

They offer useful statistics and information on how your visitors are sharing your content with others

... AND, using them means your new content will get indexed by Google in about 15 minutes or less!

So if you have a blog or a website full of content that you update regularly (which you should... a regular stream of fresh content is the best way to get the search engines to notice you), then make sure you check out and -- and put one of them on your site as soon as you can!

(I personally prefer, but I know a lot of our mentors like as well. I recommend you check out both to decide which will work best for you.)

And if you'd like to explore some of the Web's top bookmarking sites, check out this Wikipedia list.

Happy bookmarking!

**Note: Dwain Jeworski is IMC's VP of Marketing.

4 Simple Last-Minute Tactics to Maximize Holiday Sales!

4 Simple Last-Minute Tactics to Maximize Holiday Sales! By Derek Gehl

We are now in the heat of holiday shopping and NOW is the perfect opportunity to apply some last-minute holiday marketing tactics to capitalize on the buying frenzy!

Don't procrastinate because time is running out...

As an online business, you only have a few weeks left before sales will drop off and the last minute shoppers turn to traditional retail stores in order to avoid expensive last-minute shipping!

So without further ado, here are 4 tactics you can apply TODAY!

Tactic #1: Add Some Holiday Flair To Your Salecopy!

Make sure your salescopy tells your customers which of your products would make good gifts for which of their family members...

This would make a great gift for mom!
This would make a great gift for the entrepreneur in your family!
This would make a great gift for video game fan!
This would make a good gift for [insert recommendation here]!

... You get the point.

Never assume your customers "get it" because they probably don't... you need to tell them who your product(s) apply to and why they should buy it for them as a gift.

Tactic #2: "Top 10 Gift Ideas" List

If you're a business with numerous products, then one of my favorite tactics is putting a "Top 10 Gift Ideas" list on your site.

If someone is surfing the Internet for gift ideas, your list will grab their attention -- and you can then direct them toward the products that generate the highest profits for you!

And don't forget to modify the salescopy of the products you recommend to play up the "gift idea" angle! Just like with Tactic #1, you need to tell them who wants your product and why it would make a great gift.

Tactic #3: Capitalize On "Seasonal Keywords" in the Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

At this time of year "Gift"-related keywords will see a substantial increase in search volume as shoppers are looking to buy presents for their loved ones! For example:

Hobby Related Key Phrases:

Golf gift idea
Fishing gift idea
Video game gift

Individual Specific Key Phrases:

Christmas gift for Fisherman
Christmas gift for Plumber
Christmas gift for Student

Warning: Stay away from more general keywords and phrases like "Christmas Gift" or "Christmas Gift for Dad." They will not drive you the targeted traffic you need.

And remember, to get the highest possible conversion, the salescopy on your website needs to continue the theme of the keyword.

So if someone comes to your website after searching the keyword "Christmas Gift for Student," you need to continue that theme and create a landing page that explains why your product will make a good gift for a student.

Tactic #4: The Countdown Clock!

This one's my favorite...

Make sure you add a countdown timer to your website that's counting down to the last minute your customers can order a product from your website and still get guaranteed delivery by Christmas!

Even if you have two weeks left on your countdown clock, the psychology of a clock counting down in front of someone will increase their urgency to order NOW!

The easiest way to add a countdown clock to your website is with one of the many free javascripts available on a site like Go to this site and search for Countdown Timer and you will be presented with numerous options.

So there they are -- four strategies you can apply to profit from the holiday buying frenzy. But remember, that countdown clock is ticking for YOU, too... so you need to take action NOW!

And speaking of countdowns...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Monday (December 3) was a non-trading day for technical reasons
On Sunday at 22:41 GMT a hardware failure occurred at our trading server. The emergency was eliminated on Tuesday at 2:17 GMT. At the moment the system operates in a standard mode. We remind you that the profit for Tuesday will be paid on Wednesday Our company apologizes for that incident. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Welcome to Maximum Gold,

Maximum Gold currently maintains several different payment plans. We pay our members 10% to 20% every 3 hours. Thats a total of 150% to 200% depending on what plan a member chooses.

All payments are made to your account every 3 hours
Minimum spend is US$2 and maximum spend is US$1500
Stable 10% - 20% (3 hours Profit)
never missed a payment to our members
all your deposits and payouts are secured and guaranteed!
You may make additional spend as many times as you like
All transactions are handled via e-gold and liberty reserve

http://www.maximumgoldpro. com/

Best Regards



Ada lho, Bisnis Forex yang ga bikin kepala kita Botak mikirin grafik.
Kita tinggal invest aja, dengan investasi minimal Rp. 100.000,00.
Jadi deh!!!!

Kita Ngga Perlu cari - cari anggota, Rayu sana - sini.

Setiap hari kita dapet pembagian hasil 1 % dari nilai invest kita.
Mereka aktifnya hari kerja, senin - Jumat. Jadi Seminggu dapet 5%.
Sebulan jadi 20% lho..

Enaknya lagi, bagi hasilnya dikirim ke rekening kita tiap senin (seminggu sekali).

Silahkan Buktikan sendiri di:
http://forexinvesta. com

Ndak ada ruginya deh!!!
http://forexinvesta. com

Forex Investa adalah sistem Investasi yang bergerak di bidang Forex Trading.
Bukan MLM, HYIP, ataupun Money Game.

Berada dibawah naungan :
Alamat Trader : Menara Kebon Sirih floor 21-22 Jakarta

PT. FAJAR ABADI SANTOSA Didirikan Pada tahun 2000, Sejak tahun 2003, dengan mengadopsi kemajuan teknologi. Kami memfokuskan diri kepada transaksi on-line melalui internet.

PT. FAJAR ABADI SANTOSA selalu memberikan layanan financial profesional kepada seluruh investor lebih dari 6 tahun dan telah mendapatkan reputasi sebagai perusahaan yang selalu mengetahui dan memenuhi kebutuhan investor.

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Emission credits can be purchased in certain areas and under certain circumstances for approx. USD 5 per ton, and sold somewhere else for approx. USD 30 per ton. Naturally, we will divide the profits of your Investment with us in the ratio of 50-50% after the deduction of any expenses. Certainly we can't offer you for this REAL trade an UNREAL profit, but we can offer you a minimum of 1% daily from your Investment for a period of one year and the maximum is 5% daily. Compounding is possible and welcome from our side because it will raise the invested capital which will be used for trading, and therefore raise the profit ratio against expenses. The higher the trading volume, the lower the expenses, the higher the profits for you and us. Naturally, we enter this market with a basic capital of $ 500,000.
Your profits will be added daily to your account, 5 days a week, excluding holidays like Christmas, New Years, Easter etc. Withdrawals can be conducted anytime, even on weekends. Payments are done twice per day, only payments of unusually large and unexpected amounts may take up to 3 days because we don't keep large amounts in the e-gold account. It is necessary to confirm a large withdrawal per e-mail 3-4 days in advance. This doesn't concern smaller amounts, they are paid out during the following 12 hours directly to your e-gold account.

Come and join us !

1 year from 1,2% daily to 5% daily
Plan Spent Amount (US$) Daily Profit (%)
trial $10 - $100 1.20
basic $101 - $1,000 2.30
amateur $1,001 - $5,000 3.00
expert $5,001 - $10,000 3.50
VIP $10,001 and more 5.00

90 days deposit. - principal return
Plan Spent Amount (US$) Profit (%)
Plan 150 $10 - $100 50.00
Plan 180 $101 - $1,000 80.00
Plan 200 $1,001 and more 100.00

All payments are made to your account Daily.
Minimum spend is US$10 and there is no maximum.
You may make additional spend as many times as you like.

Use our referal program and earn up to 5.00% of referal deposits!

Our first level referrals bonuses:
Name From To Commision (%)
1 year from 1,2% daily to 5% daily 1 100 2.00
90 days deposit. - principal return 1 100 2.00
1 year from 1,2% daily to 5% daily 101 and more 5.00
90 days deposit. - principal return 101 and more 5.00

testimony :
10:30 Payment Received 86972531 Gold +0.001356 4904975 1.08 USD 796.50
From: mcb_ac
Memo: MCB

Thanks admin for payment


We are! And we are more then glad to present you this new program. This program is basically based on trading and that means that our income is in our own hands. We are a team with rich investment experience and that what makes our project one of the best. Our main directives are to maintain stable growth of investments that have been made and making our best to achieve higher incomes to our clients. We are implementing new strategies all the time and that is what keeps us less risky and more profitable then other similar projects. Sign up now, don’t waste your chance.