Thursday, August 30, 2007

ADSENSE TIPS - Armand Morin on The Next Internet Millionaire!

Episode Two of The Next Internet Millionaire is now live!

http://www.NextInternetMillionaire. com

Highlights from Episode 2 include...

... Joshua Sloan from 1&1 Internet
... Armand Morin speaking on the importance of branding your
... Cast members sharing their REAL feelings about each other

The Internet marketing education, the challenges, the drama... the
Judgment Room...

It's all here in episode two of the world's first competitive
Internet reality show...

The Next Internet Millionaire !!

OTI, Inc. started to accept Liberty Reserve

As of today Open Trade International, Inc. started to accept Liberty Reserve as an alternative payment processor.
Please read our updated terms of service and updated FAQ regarding that innovation. The official website of Liberty Reserve is www.libertyreserve. com Along with e-Bullion, Liberty Reserve is one of the quickest forms of payment between investors and OTI, Inc.

ADSENSE TIPS - Important Email Deliverability Test

We love it.
We hate it.
Sometimes, it can make life so easy. We can instantly communicate
with anyone, regardless of their locale.
Other times, we are slaves to it, feeling responsible for answering
the messages that bombard us.
And then, there is spam.
Unsolicited email.
We don't ask for it, but we get it anyway.
And frequently, the email we DO want doesn't get delivered because
spam filters overzealously guard our inboxes.
Email is incredibly useful, but what happens if you aren't able to
receive the email you WANT?
Whoever is able to come up with a solution for email deliverability
will become a billionaire. It's that important.
So, I would like to conduct a test today.
Below, you will find a link.
It's nothing special.
There's nothing to buy.
It's just a plain page that registers your click anonymously. It
automatically forwards to one of my other sites afterwards just so
you don't have to look at a blank page.
I would like to see how many people on this list are actually
receiving this message.

I appreciate your help in determining if email is actually arriving
where it is supposed to.
I will be able to register the number of clicks to determine just
how bad email deliverability is. I will report the results back to
you once I calculate the numbers.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

ADSENSE TIPS - Free Traffic to Your Site!

Traffic is everything.
Without site traffic, you may as well open up shop in the middle of
the desert. It's just not going to work.
Did you know that there's a way to legally get traffic from
high-traffic websites and redirect it all to your website?
I found out about this site last week and they have just gone
public today.
I'm using it and have already received over 500 visitors to my site
with this totally FREE method!
I'd *highly* recommend that you take a look at this if you're
interested in driving a lot of free traffic to your website:
www.myexitexplosion .com
This is great stuff. Get signed up and take advantage of this.

Monday, August 20, 2007



Delten Holdings Inc. is a private investment company based in the BVI.
Since the year 2000, we have been providing our services online through Our team consists of experienced investment advisors,
skilled market analysts, professional traders and legal experts.
Highly trained and educated, each member of our team possesses extensive
practical experience in the investment and trading industry. The strong
sense of unity within our team has always played an important role in
accomplishment of our successful investment performance. The rapid
realization of our goals is a testament to the benefits of working with a
dedicated, experienced and professional team from the very start of our

Our company has a wide array of expertise in the investment world
including, real estate, oil production, forex, stock and commodity trading.
Being proficient in a range of fields allows us to achieve our three
main investment goals: higher yields, diversification of assets, and the
minimization of risks. We are involved in real estate development in
Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, two of the most rapidly growing
regions of the world. In addition, we participate in a variety of investment
projects related to the search and development of new oil fields in
highly promising areas of the globe. These areas include, but are not
limited to, the Caspian Basin, the Russian Far East and the Arctic
continental shelf. Offline, our business activities compliment our online
business activities which comprise of forex, stock and commodity trading.
Continuous efforts, ceaseless pursuit of perfection, careful analysis and
first-class trading techniques have made it possible for us to achieve
all of our trading goals at minimum costs.

The values that our company holds dear are shared by our employees in
all parts of the world. These values define and direct the manner in
which we attain our professional goals. Each individual member of our team
is greatly respected and valued for the skills and knowledge that they
provide to our company. This mutual respect allows us to work together
in a way that is fulfilling both professionally and personally. One of
our main strengths is the high degree of communication within the
As a result, each employee is able to work in a kind of environment
that allows for the free exchange of thoughts and information and in turn,
makes it possible for us to manage and resolve difficult situations in
a prompt and skillful manner.

At, we have always strived to ensure that our
investment offer is accessible to everyone. This is the reason why we have
lowered the minimum deposit requirement to only $15. We wanted to make it
possible for you to evaluate and see the benefits of investing with without having to raise substantial investment capital. Once
you are 100% satisfied with the reliability and security of our
company, you can proceed to make a larger investment. Our plans are
to meet the needs and requirements of investors of varying financial

Plan 1 offers a variable daily interest rate ranging from 1.4% to 1.7%.
The interest varies daily according to how successful our daily
investment performance is. The minimum deposit required for this investment
plan is just $15. This investment plan is perfect for small investors
and for those who do not feel safe depositing larger amounts at once.
Please note that interest is paid on business days, Monday through Friday,
excluding official holidays. Once your Account Principal reaches the
$1000 level you will be automatically transferred to Plan 2.

With Plan 2 we offer a daily interest rate of 1.9%. The minimum deposit
required for this plan in $1000. We believe this investment plan will
meet the needs of medium online investors. Please be informed that once
your Account Principal reaches the $25,000 level you will
automatically be transferred to Plan 3. Interest is paid on business days, Monday
through Friday excluding official holidays.

Plan 3 offers a daily interest rate of 2.3%. The minimum deposit
required for this plan is $25,000. This investment plan is suitable for high
net-worth individual and corporate investors. Interest is paid on
business days, Monday through Friday, excluding official holidays.

VIP interest rates are available.
Please contact our customer service to inquire about the VIP interest
rate terms. Please also read our FAQ/Help section to learn more about
our investment plans and the terms and conditions that apply.


What Do You Need For Online Trading
(by John Porter,

You will need knowledge of the stock market. That is fundamental. But
beyond that you will need a few other things too. Those are what we will
discuss here.

You will need a 3-in-1 online trading account for you to make
investment through the internet. So what is a 3-in-1 online trading account? Or,
to put it differently, what are these three accounts? Number one, a
bank account which allows you to transact online. Number two, a de-mat
account, a place where your electronic shares will be deposited and
number three, a trading account that will allow you to carry out transaction

Trading online necessarily requires you to have the best computer. have
a wide screen monitor. This helps you to see the maximum amount of
data at one point of time. Or you will need to minimize and maximize the
windows. Next we come to the processor. A decent level processor should
be good enough. Anything upwards of 2 GHz will work. What you will need
is speed and that will be provided by the RAM you have. Nothing less
than 1 GB will do. Ideally it should be 2 GB or more. The hard disk
also have plenty of space. Go for at least 100 GB of HDD space.

To place your orders and get instant processing you will have to have a
broadband connection or you just wouldn't be able to get the rates you
are looking for. With so much traffic these days, a dial-up connection
just wouldn't work.

The hardware and the net connection will be put to full use with the
back-up of a great software platform. These platforms not only provide
you with live data regarding the stock market, but also organize your
data so that it is easier for you to find them quickly and understand them

Finally, you got to have the passion for trading. Many get lured into
trading online because of the promise of ease and comfort that online
trading comes with. But to be really successful in trading, be it online
or off line, you have to have that passion in you. You got to follow
the market trends every day with a lot of interest. You need to study
your stocks regularly. Basically you have to be clued in. and that is when
you will truly enjoy online trading.

You have tried it and tested it and you are happy to go live with it.
Now is the time to write out your trading plan.


in this issue:

1. Updates on Most Popular Programs
2. Introducing:
3. What Do You Need For Online Trading


Updates on Most Popular Programs
"We will have Bank Check withdrawal option by 25th Aug 2007.
Members may request for a withdrawal via Bank Check with no maximum
limit. Minimum is USD$500 per request. We charge USD$50 service fee per
request. USD$50 will be deducted from your requested amount.
Please send us an e-mail with your full name, mailing address and the
amount you want to withdraw via Bank Check.
Bank Wire option will be available by Sept. Full details will be
updated soon.
Now Fovax offer up to 35% of referral bonus!
Members who are VIP status will get 25% referral bonus. VVIP will get
35% on every invested amount!
Members who refer your friends or family join into the VIP plan will
get 25% referral bonus on every invested amount they invested. VVIP plan
- 35%
This is limited time offer! This offer will be closed once we hit our
Fovax Support Team"
"It has been a rough three weeks dealing with massive DDOS and BOT
attacks. I still do not understand why people think it is funny to disrupt
people`s lives. But I assure you, that we have made it through this
I want to take the time explain what was happening but first I want to
put an end to all rumors or posts on forums that Online Capital is
going away. Online Capital is not going anywhere. We are a profitable
business and we have continued to earn great returns for our entire client
base. In fact, we are so strong as a business and our Forex trading is
doing so well they we have had an offer by a businessman, known
worldwide, to invest over $200M in the ownership of our company. This alone
should show the strength of Online Capital. We will keep you up to date
on the progress of this investment into Online Capital.
Some of you have been experiencing slight delays that we are having
with pending withdrawals and pending deposits. Please accept our apologies
and I believe when you read everything below you will understand why
such delays are happening.
In the previous letter to our clients I talked about the DDOS and BOT
attacks but even after that letter we continued to get bombarded with
more attacks. The company that helps protect us from these problems is
Prolexic and the way they describe these attacks says it all. They said
someone had declared war on Online Capital. Prolexic pointed out that
those people who are attacking Online Capital were disrupting the servers
by accessing our mail servers, forum servers and such. This is why it
was very difficult to respond back to your requests.
If you could imagine this is what was happening. Our servers were
getting hit with over a million requests from the DDOS and BOT attacks each
day. Add to that our 100,000 clients also sending emails each days
asking for information. These requests were adding more strain to the
already locked up servers, so much so that we were unable to access the
server ourselves
But I can say with confidence, we have finally won. We have taken more
steps to increase our protection from DDOS attacks. Our main URL`s and
IP addresses have been under Prolexic`s protection. However, our mail
servers, forum servers and few smaller items have their own individual
IP addresses and this was what made OC vulnerable to the attacks. They
were not under the protection of Prolexic. Prolexic recommended we move
ALL of our IP addresses under their protection and that is what we have
Now if the attackers try another DDOS attack they will not be able to
connect to our IP`s directly. All they will find is one BIG PROLEXIC IP
ADDRESS. So they can only attack that Prolexic IP address and not any
of ours. Leaving OC to once again conduct business without trouble from
DDOS attacks. This will allow our lines of communication and
information to once again flow freely! At present, I have seen on the forums that
other programs are also under attack so I know we were not alone in
battle but this is not much consolation for all of our members who were
having such frustrations in getting a response back from Online
As a result of these attacks the issue of good communication has been
brought to the forefront and we are implementing a new strategy to keep
our members up to date. We are going to be stepping up our
communications with weekly critical news updates and daily reports to our clients.
We, at Online Capital, are very proud of what we have been able to
accomplish and our phenomenal growth. In the past 3 months we have gone
from 75,000 members to 100,000 members. 100,000 members are like a small
And we have for the most part operated Online Capital very efficiently.
Just like in any city there is the occasional problem but we work
through those successfully and move on. For the most part, we have
processed deposits, withdrawals and referrals properly and efficiently.
So I ask you to look at the last three weeks, NOT as a failure or
beginning of the end but as a SUCCESS STORY about a company who fought hard
and won and still maintained their integrity.
So where do we go from here? Well, we will process all the requests for
withdrawals and new deposits and continue to grow our members money. I
want to thank many of you for your confidence during this time because
we still had a very strong three weeks of deposits even during these
DDOS attacks.
I would like to address all of you who have requested withdrawals. I am
speculating that the large amount of withdrawals is due to the fact
that our members were concerned about the future of Online Capital and
the safety of their investment. We will handle all of the withdrawals as
requested. However, if you are withdrawing because of concerns for the
safety of your money then hopefully we have addressed those concerns
and it is no longer necessary to process your withdrawal. Perhaps you
just want to keep the money in your account so you can continue to earn
the great profits that our programs bring to our clients.
The choice is yours. We will process all the withdrawals, I only make
the suggestion above because I sincerely want all of our clients to make
the most money possible.
I hope that this letter helps give everyone a better idea of what has
been happening over the past three weeks and gives you a better sense of
confidence that we are past the problems and that we have taken the
steps to permanently end the attacks.
This is a very exciting time for Online Capital. We have grown so much;
and we have some of the best Forex traders in the world. We have been
able to earn 1% and more PER DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK, for our clients. And
it is an honor to be part of something that is just getting better every
I look forward to having a long and prosperous time working with all of
Vince Campbell" "The following update has just been received from the
management team.
We post it here in the same form it came in to us.
System Admin
ITS Corp. - the IndEXperts
"A too long time has passed since our last update was forwarded to you
as stockholding members, but there was good reason for this long
This was the start of our latest update on May 3. 2007 and this could
again be the start of this update. We are sorry for that and will try to
update you sooner in the future.
Since the last update, a lot of things happened. The situation with the
offline business relationship we told you bout in our last update, has
not changed. We got no information at all, but are still trying to
contact people who could further inform us about the situation. Therefore
we have to say: it still does not look good.
Before going deeper, we'd like to directly tell you that we still are
not in a position to start the buy back of our stock.
As a result of this situation we are concentrating on our bigger
projects, which have been in the pipeline for more than 18 months now. We are
making progress here, and as is the case with one project, we were
even informed that a huge company could be interested in taking over this
project. This could be saying that they are interested in buying the
project, or even in taking over the whole company, buying our and your
At this moment, it is too early to give more information, which would
neither be in your nor in our best interest. We will keep you informed
In the case of a complete take-over, the majority of the voting
shareholders have to give their approval.
We are very positive about this opportunity, but the realization will
cost time.
Management Team
ITS Corp. - the IndEXperts"

"We are pleased to announce that HYVUM is officially open.
All mandatory purchases are now processed, and bying/selling functions
are fully funcional.
Many members have been waiting for this moment, and now its time to
enjoy the full funcionality of HYVUM.
We will publish a full news update tomorrow, with progress on all other
issues, problem solving are well on the way.
Kind Regards
Amityfunds Support"
"Although we have already explained for several times but recently a
few members have contacted us and have told they have not received their
payouts! Therefore we think that's better to explain again. At least
for some new members who have not read our terms with care. We would
explain along an example.
Our cronjob will be run at every mid-night and your upgrade packages
expire at same time then another system would start to process the
accounts automatically and it would ignore any free account. So if your
account be in free status as a result it would not be processed at that
time. Therefore you will get paid at your next upgrade expiry time for your
account balance (of course your account must be in upgraded status as
we have explained). So please do not allow your account to achieve free
status. Keep your account in upgraded status then you will get paid on
time. When your account is always in upgraded status then you will
receive a steady stream of payouts and also on time.
For example if your upgrade package will expire on Aug 12, then you
should re-upgrade your account on Aug 12 or earlier (Server Time).
As well as here is some our terms please review them again (We have not
changed any terms and rules) :
1-As a free member you will not get paid cash bonuses and you can not
earn referral commission. Upgraded members payments are processed once
the upgrade package expires. You need to re-upgrade to receive your
2-You must have an active upgrade (in running) at your upgrade expiry
time and keep your upgrade level as our system can process your account
automatically, otherwise you will get paid after your next upgrade
3-Your account will be deleted if you are inactive for 30 days or if
you are a free member for 15 days.
Thanks for using Surfing4Dollar.
Support Team"

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ADSENSE TIPS - Did You Ask This Question?

Question: I'm broke! How do I make money online with no bankroll
to start with?!

Answer: Don't worry. I've recieved this question a thousand least. And it's true that I know some ways to do this.

Bottom line is that everyone wants to make money quick and looks to
the internet to do it, like it's a goldmine of untapped money

Well, in a way IT IS!

Yes, there are still some quite easy ways to make thousands a month
with nothing but your time and sweat...

No PPC. (Pay Per Click Advertising)

I can think of 3 great ones off the top of my head.

1. Article Marketing
2. Blogs
3. Squidoo

But thats neither here nor there...

You have litte money, and can follow easy steps?

Then this is for you...

-> http://www.adsense-secrets. com/rockstar.html

I think you will like this. Let me know your thoughts. :-)

Live life today!


eBay 'junkies' are nuts

For years, my elite team of eBay PowerSeller experts have been working one-on-one with hand-picked students, teaching them how to build successful eBay businesses.

(Many of their students start making $1,000 to $10,000 a month in a matter of weeks! Just imagine the difference that kind of money could make in YOUR life.)

And for the first time ever, these expert eBay PowerSellers have agreed to let me put their proven eBay success system down on paper, so anyone can use it to achieve a life-changing income on eBay.

So if you're keen to learn how you can tap into eBay's amazing profit potential -- and start making an extra $12,000 to $120,000 a year in just weeks -- then I suggest you visit:

www.auctiontips. com/ebay-profits

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ADSENSE TIPS - Selecting a Popular Topic

Deciding on a topic for a blog post isn't always easy. Sometimes,
you'll know exactly what you want to write. Other times, you'll
struggle for an idea.

But there are times when a subject just seems unavoidable.

Whenever Apple releases a new product, Nintendo brings out a new
game system or Harry Potter hits the news again, it seems as though
everyone is writing about the same thing. And of course, those
aren't the only times. Just wait until Oscar night, the Superbowl
or the next elections.

When these things happen, writing about those topics just seems

But it doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Read the rest of this article on my blog now at:

Live life today!



in this issue:

1. Updates on Most Popular Programs
2. In focus:
3. Which Is Better: Stocks Or Bonds?


Updates on Most Popular Programs
"Celebrating Second Anniversary All Relax Business members who had
active balance of more than $100 received monetary bonuses at the rate of
10%. We would like to thank You for choosing us. Happy birthday Relax
Business and all members. "
"Dear friends, tomorrow is 1 year of activity of our club.
We started as HYIP, but soon we understood how dirty is this HYIP
world, so we are slightly moving into a different status.
Who joined us from beginning got already back 180% of the initial
investment; of course we cannot guarantee forever similar performances, but
we can assure you about our honesty and transparency.
We will do always our best to minimise the risks; we prefer to pay
less, but constantly and without surprises.
Happy birthday to us !!! And to all of you.
Best regards Bruno, Rocco, Renato, Alessandra, Daniela, Bruce, Mike and
some external consultants and traders of IF Team !!" "Our website and email systems have been accessed by an
unauthorized person or persons again and we are in the process of
securing all vulnerabilities as well as finding out the identity of the
hacker once and for all through the IP address used to access our webserver.
For those of you who have sent us emails over the past couple days, we
are holding those emails and not sending any ourselves. We do see that
some have been replied to and we are using that information as well to
identify the person or persons accessing our system. In other words if
you have received an email from our email address over the past 72
hours it has not been from us but rather the person or persons who have
penetrated our server and mail system.
In addition to this, we feel that our e-gold and e-bullion account
payment systems may have also been compromised and we are in the process of
securing our access to both accounts. Until we are completely certain
that we have secure access to our accounts we will be holding payments
for today until we have verified this. In our first attempt to make
payments for today our payment interface gave us a message that the few
payments we initially sent went to accounts that were not specified in
payment program file.
We ask that everyone be patient over the next couple days while we sort
out this obstacle and we will make all payments to both e-gold and
e-bullion as soon as our payment systems are secure.

"Dear Amityfunds members.
As many of you already know, we have experienced several problems
during the last weeks.
Most of the problems related to the DDOS attack are resolved, and we
are happy about that.
However, a problem never shows up alone….
At the moment we are experiencing transfer problems, related to the
payment solutions we are using. To explain it in an easy way, we lack
funds in accounts to fulfill requests because we are experiencing
difficulties transferring funds to these accounts from our funding resources.
This happened due to the high amounts of withdrawals ordered in the
period we had problems. This often happens and can be described as a money
run, as many believed that we were disappearing. This however is NOT
what is happening.
We are doing our best to solve these issues, and during this process we
will not process any new withdrawals. If you have received a message
saying that your request is approved, funds will be transferred to your
account as soon as we have received funds to our accounts.
We hope to solve these issues in the near future
Flushing the system
We will soon be flushing the system for inactive members. By inactive
members, we mean members who have not made deposits or have not had any
other activities during the last month. This is done to protect our
site and flow of information.
Removal of Public Information and Public Signup
As a step to secure the AF Website, we are removing all public
information and signup links.
We will remove all advertising banners and marketing material. The only
way of signing up new members will be through your personal
backoffice, done by an existing member. The only thing showing on the AF front
page will be a login box, all other info will be moved to your personal
Flushing the ticket system and moving it
We know that many of you are frustrated about the response time at
support. The solution is quite easy. The ticket system is currently being
flooded by spam, and at the moment there are 19,000 unanswered tickets.
It is extremely time consuming to manually check all these tickets, so
we have decided to flush the system, and move it to the backoffice as
well. This means that all previous tickets will be removed, but will
quicken the response time for our support staff to respond to your
questions. Please do not send tickets on the subjects already covered
in this news update.
SSL Certificate
Yes, we know the certificate has expired, but its still working. And,
YES, it will be renewed.
We plan to begin PSHLP-6 in August when the website has been updated.
HYVUM will open during next week, and mandatory funds will be
The operations we are going through will take some time, but we hope to
be finished during July. Due to all the new changes, the site might be
off at times, but we are still here and working on making Amityfunds
even more secure for the long term. We ask for your patience during this
period, as we are working on securing AF for you.
We want to assure you that all programs are running normally. While we
have said this in the past, we want to reassure all members of this and
we thank you for your support and continued patience..
Kind Regards
Amityfunds Managementm"
"We have completed our domain renewal process.In order to our domain
renewal, our website has been down for a few hours.That is naturally.Now
it is correctly working and you can log in to your account.
If you have any questions or problems please let us know. You can
Contact us via:
Support Team"

You can discuss these and many other programs with fellow high-yield
investors on our forum at


In focus:

Pragmas Finance Group offers unparalleled financial, investment and
management expertise in high-opportunity emerging markets around the
Our focus on high-opportunity emerging markets sets Pragmas Finance
Group apart from "traditional" finance and investment institutions we have
a proven ability to build businesses, intermediate capital, provide
value-added strategic advice and manage assets in these markets.

The team is made up of world-class local and international market
leaders who are uniquely adept and agile in the high-opportunity markets in
which we operate. Pragmas Group's equity culture combines
entrepreneurship and an unparalleled drive for excellence delivers value and
performance for our clients and The Firm.

Extreme performance and outstanding results are the key drivers behind
Pragmas Finance. Whether measured by client satisfaction, market
leadership or return on equity, the Group consistently demonstrates that we
are among the very best in our businesses.

Our success is grounded in a non-consensus vision of the markets in
which we operate. It also derives from the Group's broad-based equity
culture, which fosters excellence, entrepreneurship and unity of purpose in
everything we do. No less essential, we absolutely insist on
attracting, retaining and rewarding only the world's best professionals who are
fiercely committed both to the Firm's independence and the markets we
serve. Pragmas Finance continues to forge new ground whether it is
creating new products and services in financial markets where we have
operated for some time, or extending our expertise and reach to new
high-opportunity growth regions around the world.

Our core values, combined with an unstoppable drive to build, are what
make us the Pragmas Group of companies.

Pragmas Finance has a comprehensive electronic execution offering for
trading Eastern Europe securities, robust infrastructure and experienced
support team. We provide global coverage and access to all liquidity
pools for Eastern Europe securities.

FIX/API Pragmas Finance clients can benefit from several options:
Anonymous high-speed Direct Market Access (DMA) execution
Execution Desk Access (EDA) with assistance of experienced
Receive accurate and timely Indications of Interest (IOIs) across
multiple OMS platforms and vendor networks

Access is available to the following marketplaces:
Direct membership: MICEX (Russia), RTS (Russia), LSE (IOB), PFTS
Via partner-broker: NYSE, NASDAQ
Other: OTC

Pragmas Finance is certified with the following vendor networks within
Thomson AutEx
Reuters ROR
Secure VPN

Dedicated 4MB leased line cables integrate Pragmas's infrastructure
into a global network uniting offices in London, New York and Moscow.

Allocations for DMA and EDA accounts can be delivered via FIX, OASYS
Domestic or OASYS Global to allow STP.

Proprietary trading platform

QUIK is a broker-neutral, multi-market data and trading technology for
institutional and individual clients. Internet browser and PDA versions
are also available.

English and Espanol interfaces
Order Types: Limit, Market, Stop orders, Conditional orders, Time
repeated orders, Good-till-cancelled
Information on current balance of portfolio, borrowed assets, and funds
available for opening new positions
Basket Trading (with Table "Transactions Pocket")
Import transactions and automate trading operations via the standard
Export Data from most QUIK tables to MS Excel (DDE) and databases
Place orders by means of the integrated programming language QPILE
Display of any parameter's dynamics for any instrument, on charts with
technical analysis elements
Alert system, transfer of unexecuted alerts to the next day
Text messages exchange with a network administrator and other users

To download a test version with real-time quotes for MICEX and RTS,
please follow the link. Please, speak to our sales representatives on how
to obtain the access codes.

Pragmas Consumer Finance (RCF) is an independently operated business
that is part of the Pragmas Group.
RCF has rapidly become a leading player in the fast-growing consumer
finance markets in Korea, Indonesia and the CIS.

PCF offers a diverse portfolio of loan products and employs innovation
distribution and cross-marketing strategies. For example, PCF is a
leading player in in-store installment loans, the consumer's current
preferred source of financing for electronic, home and other goods consumer
goods. PCF is also a market leader in co-branded products. Products
Installment Loans
Auto Loans
General Purpose Loans
Credit Cards

Forestry in Eastern Europe Pragmas Partners has a highly successful
joint venture that created the leading timber logging company in E.E. This
portfolio company now manages more than 3 million hectares of forest
lands in Eastern Europe and is rapidly becoming a company of global

Pan-Africa Banking Platform The Group is the largest investor in ETI, a
leading Western African banking franchise already operating in 15
countries. The Group is committed to creating the leading regional banking
platform in Sub-Saharan Africa.

CIS Oil Services Pragmas Partners is a strategic investor in one of the
CIS's leading diversified oilfield services company. The company
manufactures oilfield equipment, conducts geophysical and seismic studies
and provides drilling and other services to some of the leading oil & gas
companies operating in the region.


Which Is Better: Stocks Or Bonds?
(by Randy Martin,

Investing in securities can broadly be classified as investing in bonds
and stock market investing. How much you apportion for each depends on
your risk taking capacity. Bond investing is safer compared to stocks
but bonds give lower returns, particularly during inflationary times.
Stock market investing, on the other hand, can be quite profitable but
come with more risks: stock prices tend to fluctuate often.

Invest a portion of your money in bonds and the balance money in
stocks. If you are an older person, put less money in stocks and go for more
of bonds. If you are younger, opt for more of stock market investing,
especially in shares of companies with growth potential and proven track

Shares come in different sizes and categories. There are large, mid and
small caps and there are penny stocks. As a beginner, you can invest
in large and mid cap companies and only after you gain experience, you
can consider investing a small portion in small caps and hot penny
stocks. These are the riskiest but if handled adroitly, give the largest
returns. However, it needs expertise and nerves of steel.

You should not jump in something Stock market investing; it needs a lot
of time to learn the basics of stock market investing. You can start
investing once you have gained some experience. It is suggested to
invest small amounts of your money over a period of time rather than
investing all the money at once.

If you're looking for a simpler investment strategy than stock trading,
consider investing in bonds. Top-rated government and corporate bonds
are easily available from your local banker or broker. Keep in mind,
though, that bond investing yields gain over a longer time span. The
nature of the stock market makes share investing appropriate for not only
short-term investors, but also those who have an extended time frame.

Don't let other people dictate which shares you purchase. This advice
is crucial for hot penny stocks, since these are widely deemed the
riskiest investments. Thorough research into the company, its history, its
suppliers, and all other potential factors is necessary if you must
consider them. Invest with confidence, and enjoy yourself!


ADSENSE TIPS - More Ads and More Answers!

Joel Comm's AdSense Secrets
August 3, 2007

For many publishers, it's always been a bit of a toss-up. Restrict
use of certain parts of your site to subscribers and you can build
up a very valuable list of mailing addresses.

But force users to enter a password and you'll block out the
AdSense crawler -- which doesn't have one. The result is untargeted
ads and even those horrible, no-paying Public Service Ads.

That could be about to change though. Google has launched a feature
called "Site Authentication." You can find it under the AdSense
Setup tab in your account. You'll need to give Google a username
and password, then authenticate that the site is yours using Google
Sitemaps, but the result for all that effort should be targeted ads
on premium content pages, forums and anywhere else that's closed
off to everyone but signed-up users.

In fact, you could even use this new service as an excuse to start
loading up on email addresses.

Invite people to sign up, place at least some of your archives
behind password protection and increase the value of each user that
visits your pages.

If the income you get from direct email marketing turns out to be
higher than the loss of users who don't want to sign up, then
Google's new feature will have given you a new way to make more

In other news, I've got a brand new video for you today! In it, I
answer several of your questions that I received from my web site.

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